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Hi there!

We are Nancy and Angelique, 2 young entrepreneurs based in beautiful Luxembourg. We both wanted to create a nice place where we could welcome our customers and decided to take this step together while creating something unique :-)

Uni-corner is a place where we each have our own 'unique corner'. Angelique (MintMouse) specialising in children shoes and Nancy (The Party Ville) in event planning & decorating whether birthday parties, corporate parties,  weddings or other. 

Additionally you will also find a handpicked selection of gifts, stationary, baby gifts & seasonal accessories. Mostly for children, but not only ;-)
We aim at finding items from smaller brands with a unique character and like to this way also support passionate entrepreneurs just like us. 


It is a pleasure to introduce you to the people that make the Unicorner dream team with their unique personalities.


Owner at The Party Ville & The Wedding Ville


♥ Optimist at heart 

♥ Transforms any place into a party

♥ Visionary 

♥ Romantic soul - lover of old things with character

♥ Always ready: To do the impossible

♥ Don’t ask me: to be early

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